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The sale of Pakistan steel products is channelized through our dealership network. To keep the whole procedure of sales transparent, free from bias, prejudice and to avoid black-marketing as well as fake firms, the sale has been restricted togenuine customers only. The customers are awarded dealership after thorough scrutiny, judgment of credibility,past performance and income tax record.

Dealerships are offered in the following categories against refundable security deposits.

Security Amount
Category 'A' Coke Pig iron & By-products
Rs. 150,000
Category 'B' Long products (Billets/Blooms/Slabs/Cobble Plate)
Rs. 250,000
Category 'C' Flat products (HR/CR/GP/Cobble Plate)
Rs. 400,000

A Performa has been designed for obtaining dealership of Pakistan Steel products,wherein complete details about the documents to be Submitted along with application as well as terms and conditions of dealership is available.

Dealership Form/Terms & Conditions

The Sales policy of Pakistan Steel Products is prepared with immense care and vigour on the basis of past experience and achievements keeping in view the customers demand and market conditions. It reflects the plus points of the previous Sales policies and maturity of policy makers. Sales policy is the result of hectic efforts of marketing/sales personnel's who carryout an in depth survey/study of the market and keep vigilant eyes on the changing domestic as well as International Iron & Steel markets. While formulating the sales policy, due care is given to the future needs of Pakistan Steel and its relations with its valued customers. Sales Policy is formulated on the basis of :-

  • Streamline procedure.
  • Improve performance of sales.
  • Operate purely on Commercial lines.
  • Optimize productivity & profitability.
  • Cover promptly and effectively customer-related activities.

Based on the amendments in the Sales Policy-99 as approved by the Price Fixation / Review Committee, the following selling arrangements have been formulated for implementation with effect from September 10, 2004.


Pakistan Steel may enter into contracts with customers as per Standard Terms & Conditions of Sales which are placed at annexure I and II respectively.

(i) Security Deposit

Prior to signing a contract, customers will deposit a security amount for the entire quantity of the contract, as mentioned below, through a Pay Order / Bank Draft. This security amount will be refunded / adjusted against
their next contract upon completion of the Contract.


  • For Quantities 5000 MT and above Rs 50 PMT
  • For Quantities below 5000 MT Rs 100 PMT

For Coke / Pig Iron / By Products

  • Coke/Pig Iron/ By Products Rs 50 PMT
  • Slag 5% of the contract value

(ii) Quantities & Tolerances

Minimum quantity for placing order against a contract will be as under:

Minimum Quantity*
HR Products
CR & Galvanised Products
Billets & Blooms

* Quantities are subject to revision without any notice or reference.

Quantity variation in the case of supplies will be ±10% of the total contractual quantities on the seller's option.

(iii) Prices

Contractual prices will be tentative. Customers will be liable to pay the prices prevalent at the time of taking delivery of material. Any tax / duty levied by the Government, not applicable at the time of signing of contract, will also be payable by the Customer before taking delivery.

(iv) Delivery Periods (tentative)

For Commercial and Standard Grades / Sizes, tentative delivery periods will be as under:

HR Coils: 120 working days
CR Coils: 120 working days
HR Sheets/Strips: 150 working days
CR Sheets: 150 working days
HR Pickled & Oil: 150 working days
GP Coils: 150 working days
Billets: 60 working days

(v) Contracts May Be Signed Jointly By The Following:

GM/Incharge Sales

DGM (Finance-Sales ZSO)

Incharge Sales Office(s)

Manager (Finance-Sales ZSO)

Incharge or Rep. of Customer Service Teams

Authorised Rep. (Fin-Sale ZSO)

(vi) Notice of Readiness (NOR)

The material shall be offered to Buyers in parts or full as and when received from the Production Departments. The notice of readiness (NOR) will be served through telex/fax/courier or through personal contact to obtain the Delivery Order within Seven (07) working days from the date of issuance of the notice and to lift the material within Seven (07) working days from the issuance of the D.O. failing which the Seller reserves the right to forfeit security amount in full or prorata to the quantities remained un-lifted.

(vii) Size-Mix (Standard Contract)

1. Size ratio for signing contracts of HR Products

Only 2.0mm

2. Size ratio for signing contracts of CR & GP Products

Only over 0.6 & upto 0.7mm
Over 0.5 & upto 0.6mm
Over 0.6 & upto 0.7mm
Upto 0.5mm
Over 0.5 & upto 0.6mm
Over 0.5 & upto 0.6mm

3. Quantity tolerances will be +/- 10 % on the total contractual quantities on Sellers option.

4. Size-mix ratio is subject to revision without any notice and reference.

5. Consumers may also sign contracts in specific sizes other than size-mix ratio for HR and CR / GP indicated above, subject to confirmation of availability of requisite material.

(viii) Acceptance Of Orders In Thickness & Widths (mm)

HR Products
1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.35, 2.65, 2.87, 3.0, 3.25, 3.38, 3.65, 3.9,
x 1000/1220
4.0, 4.25, 4.5, 4.78, 5.0, 5.56, 6.0, 6.35, 7.0, 7.92, 8.0, 9.0,
x 1000/1220/1510
9.5, 10.0, 10.5, 11.0, 12.0
x 1000/1220/1510

(HR Sheets: for traders 50% max and for customers as per requirement)

CR/GP Products
0.5, 0.55, 0.6, 0.65, 0.7, 0.75, 0.8, 0.85, 0.9, 0.95, 1.0, 1.1,
x 915/950/1220
4.0, 4.25, 4.5, 4.78, 5.0, 5.56, 6.0, 6.35, 7.0, 7.92, 8.0, 9.0,
x 915/950/1220

Galvanized Products
0.5, 0.55, 0.6, 0.65, 0.7, 0.75, 0.8, 0.85, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5
x 915/950/1220


Pakistan Steel may consider entering into running/long term contracts with its customers against large quantities for minimum period of six (06) months. Such Running/Long Term Contracts will be for sale of minimum quantity of 20,000 M/Ton Hot Rolled products and 20,000 M/ton M.S.Billets/Blooms/Slabs for a period of twelve (12) calendar months :

Customers will deposit a security amount @ Rs.50/= PMT of the entire quantity of the Running/Long Term Contract through Pay Order/Bank Draft. This security amount will be refunded/adjusted against their next contract upon completion of the Running/Long Term Contract.

Contractual Prices will be tentative and are subject to change without notice. Customers will be liable to pay the prices prevalent at the time of taking delivery of material. In addition, any Tax/Duty levied by the Government, not applicable at the time of signing of the Running/Long Term Contract, will also be payable by the customers before taking the delivery.

Format of Running / Long Term Contract along with Terms & Conditions is placed at Annexure I.


  1. The off-plan, off-grade and uncommitted stocks/material will be sold to registered dealers against Contract OR as UCS (Uncommitted Stock) on cash/credit as per policy in vogue from time to time.
  2. Government department may also be provided material even outside the dealership network, if material is directly purchased by them on cash payment (being one time deal) and NO Commission will be allowed.
  3. Material pertaining to stuck-up/incentive, packet shall be sold as per laid down procedure approved from time to time. However, stuck-up portion of packet may be sold on credit as per policy in vogue.


Slow moving / stuck-up / old stocks may also be offered for sale through tenders / auctions against reverse price fixed by the Price Fixation Committee.


On the written request of a consumers / manufacturers, Pakistan Steel may quote to them a projected price to be held firm for a specific period depending upon the ordered quantity and expected duration of contract to be decided on case to case basis. However, the actual contract will be signed only after receipt of letter of award to the customers / manufacturers. The above offer will be subject to the condition that the customers/ manufacturers :-

  1. Deposit security money @ 0.5% of the total value of the products against the respective tender/repeat order / contract / letter of credit established for export, along with a photo copy of the original documents duly attested by the concerned authorities. The un-successful bidders will be allowed to with draw their security amount.
  2. Deposit security amount @ 5% of the total value of the contract at the time of signing of the contract with Pakistan Steel as per Pakistan Steel terms and conditions of the contract / sales.
  3. Security amount shall be refunded on submission of certificate of successful completion of supplies against letter of award / export order by the tendering authority / furnishing bill of lading as a proof for export.
  4. In case of exports, copy of the letter of credit shall be endorsed officially to Pakistan Steel by the concerned local bank.


No commission will be paid to the consumer / trader dealers. Consumers will however be, provided priority over traders for allocation of material.


Trader Dealer Rebate @ 1.5% advalorem will be given to trader dealers on every sale except tender sale.


  1. All Prices will be based on Ex-Works, Pakistan Steel, Bin Qasim, exclusive of sales tax/income tax/duties/other local taxes etc. and transportation.
  2. Sale will be conducted through Bank Draft/ Pay Order or against Irrevocable Letter of Credit L/C negotiation charges shall be on the Buyer's account at actual.
  3. Credit Facility with mark-up charges: Free Credit facility with mark-up charges @ 0.75% per 30 (thirty) days up to a period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) maximum will be available on the sale of Pakistan Steel products.
  4. The Credit Facilities (with Mark-up) will be available (on format prescribed by Pakistan Steel) against irrevocable Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantee of Bank Approved by Pakistan Steel.
  5. On request of the Buyer, Pakistan Steel may not negotiate the document against L/C subject to submission of undertaking from their bankers that payment against the delivery order(s) will be made to Pakistan Steel Five (05) clear working days before the due date. In case of failure, the L/C documents will be negotiated against the L/C established by the customer i.e., L/C shall not be returned un-utilized
  6. Sales tax/ income-tax/duties etc.will be recovered at the time of issue of the Delivery Order(s) through Bank Draft/Pay Order or Letter of Credit with mark-up charges @ 0.75% per thirty (30) days up to a maximum period of one hundred and eighty (180) days .


  1. Eligibility
    Only genuine consumers of Pakistan Steel Products are eligible to participate in the scheme.
  2. Facilities
    i. Priority in production and allocation of material.
    ii. Delivery of material within 5 (five) working days from the date of request made against valid running contract, in case required material is available ex-stock.
  3. Conditions
    Consumer dealer shall pay 10% of extra charges over and above the listed prices of Pakistan Steel Products effective at the time of taking delivery of material under the Premium Price Quick Supplies. Any consumer availing this scheme will be debarred from sale of such material in the market. In case of default, his security amount may be forfeited besides cancellation of his consumer dealership.


  1. All quality complaints will be received by the Marketing Department on the profoma prescribed for the purpose. The complaints from the areas falling in the Zonal Sales Offices other than ZSO (karachi) will be attended by the respective ZSOs. If the complaint cannot be settled at the ZSO level, the same will be forwarded to Incharge (QAD) through G.M (Marketing) accompanied by the inspection / investigation report of ZSO alongwith the identified and representative sample(s) of the defective material, if necessary. The complaints from the areas falling in the jurisdiction of ZSO (karachi)) will be forwarded directly to the incharge (QAD). The material for which the complaint being lodged must be kept available with the complainant for inspection and sampling.
  2. Incharge (QAD) will forward the findings of the QCD regards the complaints along with the recommendations for redressal of the same to the Director (Commercial) through Director (TS). GM (Marketing) will inform the complaints about the outcome of their complaints.
  3. The engineers from the QCD and Production Units shall regularly visit the production units of the consumers, on quarterly basis.


Weight variation complaints shall be sent to the GM/ Incharge (Sales) by the respective Zonal Sales Incharges. Based on the weighment documents available with the Production Units, QCD,PSPS and the Weigh-Bridge, Sales Department will submit its recommendations.


Standard Contract alongwith Terms & Conditions of Sale is placed at Annexure II.


No customer shall hold "Consumer" and "Trader" dealership(s) at the same time.