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Pakistan Steel places great importance, in the welfare of its workforce and community. We have invested highly in insuring the availability of state of the art facilities for our workforce and their families. Recognizing that sports and leisure are imperative to the well being of our people, we actively promote the participation of health related activities at all level.

Astro Turf Hockey Ground

Pakistan Steel takes great pride in leading the way in the public sector in providing state of the art welfare facilities to its workforce. Our recently developed astro turf hockey pitch is the only one of its kind in the public sector. Its level of construction is at such a level that even the Pakistan national hockey team uses it for practice sessions. Our own team has also gained immense benefit from this facility evidence of which is confirmed by winning numerous tournaments giving great pride and immense moral to our organization

Football Ground

We have recently invested highly in the restoration of a full size football pitch in Steel Town. A newly turfed pitch with flood light facilities has been completed for adults and children both to benefit from. A very popular facility in the evenings for all staff, with regular football tournaments arranged promoting participation from all age group and sexes.


Quaid-i-Azam Park

Spread over an area of 45 acres, Quaid-i-Azam Park serves as an oasis in a industrial jungle. With carefully planned and designed lush green lawns, artificial lakes, flower gardens, fountains, a mini zoo, children's play area, mini train network and jogging track this provides the perfect setting for families to escape the daily rigors of life. Originally designed for the workforce of Pakistan Steel the park has proved so popular that now it has had to open its door to the public looking for a perfect day's escape from the hassles of Karachi city.

Officer's Mess

An Officers' Mess equipped with facilities ranging from squash courts, tennis courts, gym, swimming pool, library, billiards room is run on a self help basis by its members in Steel Town. The Club has been instrumental in providing the perfect environment for Pakistan Steel officers and their families to socialize and enhance fraternity amongst them.